Guide: Abhijith KR
This project was more of understanding how post rationalising works. We made abstract forms with organic lines, with various materials. There was splash of brushes, strings and cloth rubbed on papers, objects dipped in color and pressed on paper to get those subtle marks of the edges and projections. In the end every one had something to say, and we sat down to derive meaningful forms from these abstract clutter. It was fun, got tiring. First we had to identify a meaning, probably starting with a feel of what the form expresses, force a meaning into it, form-correct the raw form, making it distinguishably recognisable for it means, connote few terms for it and get a word that fits right for the form, to take it forward as a symbol for an organisation or brand.
We followed the same procedure with inorganic lines, but inorganic lines definitely expresses a different mood. More rigid, more serious, structural, and to force in meanings and connotations of subtlety was challenging. But that's what made it fun.
Form correction process of this particular form from Organic Lines
Form correction of this particular form from "Inorganic Lines"
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