Comic Book | Guide: Boopathy Srinivasan
Yelahanka, a locality in Bangalore, is known for notorious dogs terrorizing its streets day and night.
This 26 page graphic novel is about Yelahanka and my other childhood events and landscapes. This book is illustrated in the style of scrapbook to invoke the feeling of childhood memory with all its innocence. it is also about how childhood memories have a lasting impression on life. The book ends with us, the kids becoming the real dogs of Yelahanka.
This story is covers incidents of how language barrier made me think of myself in another light and how things changed when I learnt the the truth. It's about how we tend to make meaning s of words that are alien to us just by the sound of it. It was an attempt to bring out how a table conversation with friends led to recollection of a hilarious memory from childhood.
I tried to bring out the feel of the conversation and the landscapes and adventures of my childhood through a scrapbook style illustration and narration.
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