Packaging for Temi Tea
Guide: Chewang Bhutia
Tea produced from the garden, Temi-Tea garden on a sloppy hill in Sikkim, called the Temi-Tea is the best tea produced in the world.
It was a group project, where we had to design a package for the brand Tapestree, which could be sold as souvenirs from Sikkim. We focused on various attributes, stories, culture, anything that would depict and bring out the essence of Sikkim.
Folktales add onto the culture, ethics and morals of the society. There is magic breathed in it, and it travels through time being immortal. I took one such folktale of a Rum God who fell in love with a lake, giving rise to the first born of Lepcha tribe.

The Rum God and the lake fell in love with each other and got married, giving rise to the first born of Lepcha tribe.
It was important that the illustration felt magical, to give the essence of a folktale.
Team Members:
Sanjoyana B Choudhury
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