Documentary Film
The Andhra Pradesh Higher Education English Communications Skills project, in partnership with Andhra Pradesh government and Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE), aims to empower 86,000 learners in English and employability skills across 198 higher education institutions in the state.  About 112 Master trainers have then trained 1,833 teachers with a strong focus on continuing professional development. 86,134 students from 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh have enrolled on the British Council’s blended learning course.   
The British Council’s English language training and assessment solutions designed as per and mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. The CEFR allows an objective, standardised indication of language level in each skill.

 I was given an opportunity to film and interview the parents, teachers and the students, what they thought about the program and how it might help them to acquire the skill of using English language, and confidently apply for jobs and higher studies.
DISCLAIMER: But this project never made me happy, I did it because I was desperate for a project. But my thoughts drained me off my energy, got me frustrated. Yes, it's for the upliftment for the students so they can apply for jobs and higher studies with being biased, but why is that it's so necessary for them to learn English. I believe any person could do much better, understand and perform much better by using the language what that person knows the best. Why can't the students pursue their higher studies in their own language? 
These questions ran across my mind, but the fact that I took up this project, I had to finish it, half baked.
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